General Covid Vaccination Information & Boosters

Spring Booster Covid Vaccinations

If you are eligible, you should have already been invited by us to book a spring covid booster if you wish to have one. If you have not yet received an invite and you feel you are eligible, please call us on 01603 251600.

You may be offered a seasonal booster if you:

  • are aged 75 or over (you need to have turned 75 on or before 30 June 2023)
  • live in a care home for older adults
  • are aged 5 or over and have a weakened immune system

NHS App and overseas vaccines not showing

If you have had your covid vaccine(s) overseas, please note that it is not possible for us to record details in such a way that they will appear on the NHS app. We can only update a patient’s GP record. 

If you would like your overseas vaccines to appear on your NHS App, you will need to book an appointment to show evidence for any covid vaccine you have had outside of England so the NHS can securely update your vaccination record.  This is the only way vaccines outside of England and those given overseas can be added so they appear on the NHS App.  

Passport name not matching covid passport (on the NHS App)

We are being asked by patients to change their name on their GP records to match their passport.  This is because usually they have changed their name but only informed either the passport office or the surgery and not both. 

We can do this on your GP records, but the automatic update this triggers to the central NHS databased that links your covid passport may take a few days.  This is out of our control. 

The covid passport does note show your middle name.  We are therefore unable to add middle names to your covid passport.  You need to take this up with the consulate or embassy of the country you are travelling to. 

You can either email a clear photo of your passport showing the exact name to [email protected] or come into the medical centre in person for reception to verify your passport details.  If you choose to send this via email, please be advised that this is unsecured and done so at your own risk.

You must understand that for a while your GP records will be out of sync with hospital records and prescriptions until the automatic links are updated externally. 

We will try and do this within a few (working) days of asking, but this can not take precedence over urgent medical tasks.