Guidelines for UEA Exam/Course Test/Event Assessment Certificates

IMPORTANT: All students (irrespective of whether you are registered with us or not) – if you are going to miss an exam/event assessment, you must come into the medical centre in person to be seen same day by the urgent clinician so they can evaluate your illness.

Event assessments include:  

  • Examinations 
  • Course Tests 
  • OSCEs (for medical students) 
  • OSPEs (for pharmacy students)

Unless you are physically unable, you should attend in person the Medical Centre before the start of your exam/test/event assessment and ask to see the urgent clinician, explaining that you have a course test (today) or exam (today) and feel unwell.  You will be added to the urgent clinician list for an evaluation of your fitness to sit the exam.  This must be done same day otherwise we are unable to provide an exam certificate.

Completed certificates are emailed directly to the Learning and Teaching Services (LTS). Please note that while we endeavour to process medical certificates as soon as possible they can take up to 10 working days to be sent. To prevent fraudulent application for medical certificates we reserve the right to check on all details given to us. Fraudulent applications will be reported to the University