UEA Medical Certificate Request Form

UEA Medical Certificate

UEA Medical Certificate

This form can only be used if you have already seen a doctor or nurse at the UEA Medical Centre recently, about the condition concerned.

Medical certificates are not given for illnesses that last less than 3 days, unless the illness coincides with a course test, assessed practical, seminar presentation or an essay deadline.

You may still need a further appointment to discuss the certificate – we will contact you if this is the case, otherwise, the completed certificate will be emailed directly to your HUB within 10 working days.

IMPORTANT: Did you know that you can self-certify twice per academic year (for a max of 3 working days) for exceptional circumstances?

If your illness or other exceptional circumstances will last longer than 3 working days – use this form.

If you are seeking evidence of a disability, please use this form.

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