Meningitis, Measles, Mumps and Rubella – Awareness and Vaccinations

The University encourages you to receive immunisations in advance of your arrival at UEA.

If you have not been immunised you should consult your home GP to obtain the immunisation at least 3 weeks before you are due to start at the UEA. We strongly advise you to obtain your immunisations BEFORE coming to the UEA.

If it has not been possible to have Meningitis/MMR vaccines prior to your arrival at university, we will be able to do these once you have registered. Phone 01603 251600 and ask for make a nurse appointment for your vaccinations.  

MenACWY is available FREE to all aged 24 or under and MMR is available FREE to all (any age) who have not been immunised.       

In recent years there have been outbreaks of Mumps in UK Universities. 

Mumps is an infectious disease caused by the mumps virus. It is a mild disease in most people, causing very little upset and may even go completely unnoticed. In others however, it can have severe complications. These include meningitis, encephalitis, deafness, inflammation of the pancreas, swelling of the testes or ovaries (and infertility can occur as a result of these complications affecting the testicles and ovaries).

The UK Government’s Department of Health has advised all students entering University to ensure they have had a recent MMR booster immunisation unless:

a) The student has had a booster MMR in the preceding 3 months

b) The student is certain they have had 2x MMRs in the past

c) The student has a medical reason for not having the MMR

Please check with your usual medical adviser and where necessary obtain the vaccine prior to arrival at UEA. Students who are unable to obtain the vaccine will be offered the vaccine by the University Medical Service.

A course of MMR vaccines consists of 2 doses (with an interval between dose 1 and dose 2). 

Meningococcal disease is a rare but life threatening infectious disease caused by a bacteria – Neisseria meningitis. 

You should have had the Meningitis ACWY vaccination BEFORE starting university.

International students should also consult their doctor to try to be immunised at least 3 weeks before their arrival in the UK.