Registered here but need to see a doctor whilst away from UEA/Norwich temporarily?

If you need to seek medical assistance from your ‘home’ GP whilst you are away from Norwich (eg; during Christmas, Easter, Summer vacation) but you are due to return to UEA/Norwich thereafter, then we strongly advise you DO NOT register with your ‘home’ GP – instead, ask to be seen as a temporary resident. 

Being seen as a temporary resident means you can still be seen whilst at home, but your main GP is at the UEA Medical Centre with all your medical records, where you live and spend most of your time. 

If you do register with your ‘home’ GP, then you will need to re-register with us when you come back and your medical records may be delayed in transit. 

Medication over summer vacation

If you are leaving Norwich for summer vacation (but returning in autumn) make sure you have enough medication to last you until your return.  If you need an appointment to see a doctor or a nurse for a prescription that is not on repeat, or if your medication review date is overdue, don’t leave it until the last minute to book your appointment!  It is a very busy time of year for us, so phone 01603 251600 and make an appointment in advance.  Most contraceptive repeats can be done in a nurse appointment.  

Please note: If you are on Dianette contraceptive pill, you will need to see a doctor.  

Registration with a GP in the Norwich area does not preclude you from consulting your family GP (or indeed any other GP) during vacations or while away from university (although when you do this a ‘Temporary Resident’ form will have to be completed on these occasions).