UEA Staff and Corporate Travel


The manager of the school/budget holder, should send an email to [email protected] requesting a travel risk assessment for a member of staff (preferably 8 weeks before date of travel). The email needs to include the following details;

  • Name of the person needing the assessment
  • Expected travel date
  • Travel destination(s)
  • Authorising managers name
  • Budget/charge code
  • Order number (if applicable)

We will then reply to the school and contact the individual concerned inviting them to make an appointment downstairs within the medical centre at a Travel Clinic, at a time to suit their convenience and schedule. 

The individual should make clear to the receptionist within the medical centre that they are a member of UEA staff travelling on UEA business (this is to ensure that they are not charged for the assessment or vaccinations for this episode of travel) 

Employee attends the Travel Clinic for both the risk assessment and subsequent appointments for vaccines etc.

On completion of all vaccines and advice, a Certificate of Fitness to Travel will be issued to the manager with a copy to the employee. An invoice for the service will also be sent to the manager with the certificate.

Additional Information

  • This service will include a full personal Travel Health Risk Assessment followed by advice and immunisation and the issuing travel prescriptions medications when appropriate. Requests should be made by the manager as soon as travel is anticipated.
  • The employee does not need to be a patient of the University Medical practice to obtain this service. Where allowed, costs will be kept to a minimum by using NHS vaccines.
  • Foreign travel falls into one of two categories:
  1. Low risk – travel to North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Such travel does not need a specialised Travel Risk Assessment unless engaged in high risk activities e.g. caving, working with potentially rabid animals such as bats
  2. Uncertain risk – all other destinations. Travel Health Risk Assessment needed.
  • When necessary employees will be offered a post travel assessment to ensure they have suffered no ill effects from the travel and are not carrying any infectious disease that might place others at risk.
  • Special employees – Such employees will be identified during the evaluation of  their pre-employment health questionnaire, risk assessed and then advised/immunised to ensure they are travel ready
  • The system described is already in place for healthcare students who travel abroad for their overseas elective.


Where possible the NHS will cover the cost of vaccines but current regulations exclude many vaccines and all anti-malarial drugs.

Corporate Travel Customers

Does your business send employees abroad?

If you have employees that travel abroad as part of their work, you have a duty of care to ensure that they are properly protected.

The Medical Centre is able to offer a corporate account for travel health services to ensure your staff are safe for travel anywhere in the world.

Whether you have one staff member or a whole team requiring support, we can assess the travel and activity risks of the country in question to ensure the correct advice and vaccinations are offered. 

We would need details in advance of the staff who are travelling, and confirmation that you are willing to cover costs of their care.  Individuals are then able to book travel appointments at a time convenient to themselves. Monthly or quarterly bills can be arranged dependent on numbers.