Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

Yellow fever (YF) is a serious illness caused by the YF virus. YF is usually passed on to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito and occurs in parts of the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Africa and South/Central America.

YF can vary from a flu-like illness that gets better on its own over several days to a severe illness with fever, jaundice (turning yellow), bleeding and organ failure.

There is no specific medicine to treat YF.  Most people with the disease will need to be admitted to hospital and treated for their symptoms, some in intensive care.  

Many people who get YF will die from the disease.

You can find further NHS information here

NaTHNaC Guidance and Information about Yellow Fever

NaTHNaC (National Travel Health Network and Centre – a UK Government organisation) produce travel health guidance for overseas travel. They have produced an information leaflet about YF covering; 

  • Where YF occurs
  • How you can prevent YF
  • Information about the YF vaccine
  • Who should get the YF vaccine
  • Who should NOT get the YF vaccine
  • What to do if you can not get a YF vaccine
  • Risks associated from and with the YF vaccine
  • Further information

Lost/Misplaced Your Yellow Fever Certificate?

If you have lost or misplaced your Yellow Fever certificate, we should be able to issue you a new one (even if you didn’t have the vaccination with us) – providing you have some legitimate evidence of having had the vaccination (ie immunisation printout from GP Surgery/Travel Clinic or confirmation within your medical record etc).

If you have no acceptable evidence, then it is usually safe to re-vaccinate and a new certificate would be given. The Travel Nurse would discuss re-vaccination with you at your appointment.

(costs applicable in both circumstances)

The Yellow Fever Vaccine

Our specially trained travel nurses will conduct a full risk assessment on your suitability to have the YF vaccine in the first instance.  This depends on a number of things, all of which will be taken into consideration;

  • Duration of travel
  • Countries you are visiting
  • Intensity of YF transmission area(s) you are visiting
  • Season of travel 
  • Activities you are undertaking
  • Immunisation status
  • Discuss your medical history to check for any contraindications
  • Discuss the risks in having/not having the vaccine