Reports and Certificates

We produce medical certificates to provide evidence in support of students requiring extensions or who have extenuating circumstances in relation to their health.

An extenuating circumstance (EC) is a factor outside the student’s control which affects an assessment such as; coursework, written assignment, dissertation, project or presentation. 

UEA Medical Certificate

Once your request has been submitted it will be reviewed and actioned accordingly – you will receive an email advising the outcome of your request.

On submission of the request form, a copy will be sent to the email address you entered on the form.

Please note the following:

  1. Requesting a medical certificate whilst visiting the urgent doctor clinics is inappropriate and the doctor will not be able to do one.  The urgent doctor is for urgent medical problems requiring immediate treatment. A medical certificate is not considered an urgent medical problem.
  2. There is no guarantee that the doctor will provide a certificate
  3. Medical certificates will only be provided where there is sufficient medical evidence and that it is likely to have affected studies
  4. Completed certificates are emailed directly to the Learning and Teaching Services (LTS) within 10 working days
  5. Certificates go through a centralised process so there is no point, if refused a certificate by one doctor, in trying to book an appointment with a further doctor to try and convince them to give you a certificate instead. 
  6. Do not use this form for exam circumstances – you will need to see Guidelines for Exams

For short-term circumstances you can apply for one automatic extension (self-certified extension request or SCR) of 7 calendar days for each assessment deadline. No evidence is required but you can only use this option within 7 calendar days before the deadline passes.

SCRs cannot be used for any assessments involving group work or for an ‘event’ assessment that you must complete at a specific time, like an exam.

Missing An Exam/OSCE/Course Assessment?

This UEA medical certificate request form must not be used for an exam certificate request. 

Requests for EXAM certificates must be made in person, to the urgent doctor clinic, on the same day as the exam. 

DO NOT fill in the request form if you are missing an exam or course test. 

Absence Reporting (up to 7 days)

If you wish to report an absence on medical grounds for up to 7 consecutive days where such absence does not involve attendance at a course test, assessed practice or seminar at which a student was scheduled to give a presentation, or submission of an item of assessed work, then you can self certify (before the deadline) and do not need a medical certificate. 

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Guidelines for UEA Medical Certificates (general)

Find out more about extenuating circumstances (EC) from that require evidence here: