Travel Health Service

Anyone considering travelling abroad is reminded to look at the latest Foreign and Commonwealth Office travel advice (listed by country) 

Whether you’re off on a package holiday to relax, trekking through the Amazon, on Safari in Africa or exploring the world, our fully qualified and experienced Travel Health nurses can give you expert advice on staying health and safe abroad. 

  • Registered Yellow Fever Centre
  • Full travel risk assessments and advice
  • Travel vaccinations 
  • Free parking

Appointments are available throughout the week and you should aim to book your first appointment at least 8 weeks before you are due to travel.  

Travel consultations are carried out by specialist travel nurses in a dedicated travel clinic. 

We see both registered and private patients in our travel clinics.  If you are private, then please ensure you bring a copy of your up-to-date immunisation history with you so the travel nurses can assess your history and immunise accordingly.  A credit/debit card will be required upon booking an appointment for private patients.

Your initial appointment with the specialist nurse will run through a personal assessment of risks/needs, taking into account your length of stay, activities and any existing health problems.  This assessment will determine which vaccinations/medication you require.  

If you require any immunisations, the travel nurses will begin these as soon as possible. 

Not all travel immunisations are free on the NHS.  Many travel costs are not covered by the NHS and we have to charge for these. See below for details.

Phone us on 01603 251600 and speak to the receptionist about making an appointment!

Travel Health Questionnaire

Before your first appointment, please download, complete and return the Travel Health Questionnaire(s) to us by emailing it to [email protected]

Travel Vaccinations & Charges

Many travel costs are not covered by the NHS and we have to charge for these. 

  • Registered patients – initial risk assessment and follow up appointments = free
  • Private patients – initial risk assessment = £23
  • Private patients – **follow up appointments = £11.50 (or free if paying for a chargeable vaccine)
VaccinationNo.of doses to complete coursePrivate patient
£ per dose
Registered patient £ per dose
Hepatitis ASingle**FreeFree
Hepatitis B (adult)Course of 3£35.00£35.00
Hepatitis B (child)Course of 3£23.00£23.00
Hepatitis A+B Combined single£51.00£51.00
Hepatitis A+TyphoidCombined single£60.00Free
Japanese EncephalitisCourse of 2£100£100
Meningitis ACWY SingleFree if <25 yrs old £56.00 if >25 yrs old £56.00
RabiesCourse of 3£74.00£74.00
Tetanus Diphtheria PolioCombined single**FreeFree
Tick Borne EncephalitisCourse of 2-3Price on applicationPrice on application
Yellow FeverSingle£78.00£78.00
Certificate of vaccination/duplicate certificate £15.00£15.00
Private prescription £10.00n/a

**Giving fee/follow up appointment fee may apply (applicable to private patients only)

 NB/Prices are subject to change without notice if manufacturer rates increase

Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

If you are going to a country which has Yellow Fever (YF), please read the below and download, complete and return the YF questionnaire to us by emailing it to [email protected]

Yellow fever (YF) is a serious illness caused by the YF virus. YF is usually passed on to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito and occurs in parts of the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Africa and South/Central America.

YF can vary from a flu-like illness that gets better on its own over several days to a severe illness with fever, jaundice (turning yellow), bleeding and organ failure.

There is no specific medicine to treat YF.  Most people with the disease will need to be admitted to hospital and treated for their symptoms, some in intensive care.  

Many people who get YF will die from the disease.

You can find further NHS information here

NaTHNaC Guidance and Information about Yellow Fever

NaTHNaC (National Travel Health Network and Centre – a UK Government organisation) produce travel health guidance for overseas travel. They have produced an information leaflet about YF covering; 

  • Where YF occurs
  • How you can prevent YF
  • Information about the YF vaccine
  • Who should get the YF vaccine
  • Who should NOT get the YF vaccine
  • What to do if you can not get a YF vaccine
  • Risks associated from and with the YF vaccine
  • Further information

The Yellow Fever Vaccine

Our specially trained travel nurses will conduct a full risk assessment on your suitability to have the YF vaccine in the first instance.  This depends on a number of things, all of which will be taken into consideration;

  • Duration of travel
  • Countries you are visiting
  • Intensity of YF transmission area(s) you are visiting
  • Season of travel 
  • Activities you are undertaking
  • Immunisation status
  • Discuss your medical history to check for any contraindications
  • Discuss the risks in having/not having the vaccine

UEA Course Field Trips

Information for the school, organising staff and students

Students going on overseas field trips as part of their course (eg; Swaziland, Kenya, China, Chile etc) which have been organised by their school, should all be seen for a travel risk assessment at UMS to ensure they are fully immunised, aware of travel risks and provided with any necessary travel medication (eg anti-malarial tables, anti-diarrhoeal medication…)

By following this process stated below, the school would then get a ‘Fitness to Travel’ certificate as verification the student is ‘travel ready’ for their field trip, and the school and students also benefit from a discounted rate on all travel vaccines. 

The student/staff member does not have to be registered with us for us to be able to provide this service – we can see registered and non-registered patients for travel purpose.  We would require (to be brought at the time of first travel appointment) for non-registered patients, an up-to-date immunisation history from their current GP surgery and list of any medications/conditions. 

By providing the information requested in step 1 (below), the school will be invoiced for all travel risk assessments and immunisations for all individuals and will be provided with individual ‘fitness to travel’ certificates.  Accompanying the invoice, will be an itemised document so the school can then either absorb the costs themselves (eg if the field trip has already been included within the original course fees) or is not, the school can then invoice the students individually for reimbursement. 

This process should begin at least 8 weeks prior to the field trip date.



School manager/organiser of the field trip should send an email to the Operations Manager [email protected] with the full names, email addresses and contact numbers of all those going on the field trip. 

In addition to this, the email needs to include the following details;

  • Field trip date
  • Destination
  • Duration of trip
  • Authorising managers name 
  • Authorising managers email address
  • Budget/charge code to send invoice to 
  • Purchase order number


School manager/organiser should then email all students and staff who will be going on the field trip, informing them they need to book and appointment and attend UMS for a travel risk assessment. 

All those going, should be made aware if they are not registered with UMS they need to obtain and bring with them when they see the travel nurse, their immunisation history from their GP, plus of a list of medications they are currently taking. 

Any immunisations that could have be given for free on the NHS at the individual’s home GP practice, will be given for free at the appointment.  The point in the immunisation history is so they nurse can check if they need any NHS vaccine boosters etc and will work this info a schedule for them toe ensure the individual is appropriately covered for their trip.

The initial appointment is always 30 minutes, followed by subsequent appointments which are 15 minutes. The travel nurse will always look to administer vaccines at the initial appointment as long as the individual is fit and well and there are no contra-indications or uncertainties which may need looking into prior to giving any vaccinations.


UMS will monitor and report back to the school if anyone has not yet attended for their travel risk assessment appointment.


Once all on the field trip list have attended and completed their travel risk assessment and any follow up appointments, UMS will then provide the school with individuals ‘fitness to travel’ certificates along with an invoice to the school for all risk assessments and vaccinations. 

UEA Healthcare Electives

Electives fall into two categories. The risk category will determine whether or not you will need to be seen by a specialist Travel Health Nurse. 

Low Risk Group

These electives will be in the UK, EU/EEA Countries, Scandinavia, North America, Australia or New Zealand. The majority will not need any travel input but some destinations or institutions eg; North America, may require tests such as a chest x-ray, blood test or MRSA swab.  All tests are payable in advance and a price will be given on application/request.

If your elective fits within this category, is listed below, and you need any of the aforementioned, you should contact us on 01603 251600 and ask for a Low Risk Elective appointment which will cost £15.00.

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Canada
  • Croatia
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Iceland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Latvia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • North America
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Scandinavia
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom

Uncertain Risk Group

These electives are for all destinations not listed above. If your approved elective is outside the low risk area you will need an Travel Risk Assessment which is carried out by a specialist Travel Health nurse. This assessment must be carried out at the UEA Medical Centre. 

This will cost £30 (of which £20 is a non-refundable deposit for nurse time in case of failure to attend). Payment must be taken at the time of booking the appointment


  1. Download and complete in advance the Elective Travel Risk Assessment form and bring this to the initial appointment. The risk assessment will not be performed without it and it is not possible to complete this during the consultation.  
  2. If you are not registered with a GP at the UEA Medical Centre, you must obtain an immunisation history from your GP surgery and bring this with you to your initial appointment.
  3. Failure to bring all required documents may result in a requirement for you to pay an additional £20 to book a new appointment.
  4. If you are planning on further travel either before or after your elective, you should bring details of countries/places you intend to visit.
  5. Contact reception to pay and book your initial ‘elective travel risk assessment’ appointment. Clinics will have been arranged according to timetable availability.  You are strongly advised to book your appointment as soon as you know where you are going as this is a specialist nurse clinic with limited availability.
  6. Find out from your placement contacts whether HIV PEP drugs are available locally. Confirmation of this may save significant costs as these drugs are very expensive.
  7. Ensure that you keep your appointment. Failure to complete this process to obtain your ‘Fitness to Travel Certificate’ can result in your elective placement being cancelled.
  8. If you fail to attend your appointment, you will need to pay an additional £20 to book a new one. DO NOT LEAVE IT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE – some immunisation programmes can take 6-8 weeks to complete. The later you leave it, the fewer appointments available and you may not get all your vaccinations done in time. 


Following your travel health risk assessment you may be advised to have a series of immunisations and UMS will be able to provide all immunisations. You do not have to be registered with us to use this service. The only charges will be for vaccines and other travel medicines that the NHS prohibits us from providing at NHS expense.

If you choose to have your vaccinations at another GP surgery other than UMS, you will need to provide documentary evidence of the vaccine details. This should be returned to UMS who can generate a certificate of fitness to engage in elective and for the prescription of an HIV post-exposure pack when appropriate. Costs may be higher at other GP surgeries.

Completion of Travel Risk Assessment & Certification

This will be available for you when you have attended your travel health risk assessment appointment, completed your immunisations and provided documentary evidence of any vaccinations received elsewhere. A copy will also be sent to your school as proof you have been cleared for your elective. Another GP practice may be able to produces such a certificate, but this will not be accepted by your school.  

HIV PEP (Starter Pack) Prescription

It is your responsibility to ensure you have access to HIV PEP throughout your elective period.  An HIV PEP prescription will be issued once you have attended your travel health risk assessment appointment to ensure you have a supply of HIV PEP if it is not available at your elective destination. The medical centre has an arrangement with UEA Boots Pharmacy (on campus) to provide specially prepared starter packs. We have been informed they cost in the region of £260 and can take approximately one week to obtain. You will be responsible for any charges.


The NHS does not fund travel health services in a comprehensive way. Some immunisations are available on the NHS but many are not. We try to keep any charges we have to pass on to students as small as possible but they have to cover the costs involved.  Other practices may charge different fees for immunisations. A list of vaccination fees can be found on the Travel Vaccinations tab above.

A list of vaccination fees can be found on the Travel Vaccinations tab above.

Please note: Missed appointment fees are applicable to all elective appointments. They will be charged at £15.00 for Low Risk Elective appointments and £20.00 for Uncertain Risk Elective appointments.

UEA Staff & Corporate Travel

UEA Staff Travel

The university’s policy on overseas travel and risk assessment can be accessed here


The manager of the school/budget holder, should send an email to [email protected] requesting a travel risk assessment for a member of staff (preferably 8 weeks before date of travel). The email needs to include the following details;

  • Name of the person needing the assessment
  • Expected travel date
  • Travel destination(s)
  • Authorising managers name
  • Budget/charge code
  • Order number (if applicable)

We will then reply to the school and contact the individual concerned inviting them to make an appointment downstairs within the medical centre at a Travel Clinic, at a time to suit their convenience and schedule. 

The individual should make clear to the receptionist within the medical centre that they are a member of UEA staff travelling on UEA business (this is to ensure that they are not charged for the assessment or vaccinations for this episode of travel) 

Employee attends the Travel Clinic for both the risk assessment and subsequent appointments for vaccines etc.

On completion of all vaccines and advice, a Certificate of Fitness to Travel will be issued to the manager with a copy to the employee. An invoice for the service will also be sent to the manager with the certificate.

Additional Information

  • This service will include a full personal Travel Health Risk Assessment followed by advice, immunisation and the issuing of prescriptions for malaria prevention medications when appropriate. Requests should be made by the manager as soon as travel is anticipated.
  • The employee does not need to be a patient of the University Medical practice to obtain this service. Where allowed, costs will be kept to a minimum by using NHS vaccines.
  • Foreign travel falls into one of two categories:

1. Low risk – travel to North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Such travel does not need a specialised Travel Risk Assessment unless engaged in high risk activities e.g. caving, working with potentially rabid animals such as bats

2. Uncertain risk – all other destinations. Travel Health Risk Assessment needed.

  • When necessary employees will be offered a post travel assessment to ensure they have suffered no ill effects from the travel and are not carrying any infectious disease that might place others at risk.
  • Special employees – Such employees will be identified during the evaluation of  their pre-employment health questionnaire, risk assessed and then advised/immunised to ensure they are travel ready
  • The system described is already in place for healthcare students who travel abroad for their overseas elective.


Where possible the NHS will cover the cost of vaccines but current regulations exclude many vaccines and all anti-malarial drugs. Prices will be reviewed annually (except for vaccines which may need to be increased in line with any changes by the vaccine manufacturers) and any price change put into effect on July 1st each year.

  • Pre-travel risk assessment (30 minutes) £20* 
  • Vaccines not covered by NHS will be charged at our currently published prices with a 10% discount.

Corporate Travel Customers

Does your business send employees abroad?

If you have employees that travel abroad as part of their work, you have a duty of care to ensure that they are properly protected.

The Medical Centre is able to offer a corporate account for travel health services to ensure your staff are safe for travel anywhere in the world.

Whether you have one staff member or a whole team requiring support, we can assess the travel and activity risks of the country in question to ensure the correct advice and vaccinations are offered. 

We would need details in advance of the staff who are travelling, and confirmation that you are willing to cover costs of their care.  Individuals are then able to book travel appointments at a time convenient to themselves. Monthly or quarterly bills can be arranged dependent on numbers.

If you would like price lists or more information on travel or occupational health, please ring 01603 251601 and ask for Christina Fielding, Business Manager. Alternatively you can email [email protected]

UEA Study Abroad Students

Study Abroad Students – Action Required

As part of your course, you may have to spend some of the academic year at a university outside of the European Union.  

In order to register at the university there, you may need to fulfil certain health requirements.  As soon as you receive your university medical form(s) we advise all student to start the following programme immediately to ensure completion in time for registration at your overseas university. 

(If you are already abroad on placement, then there is no action required.  This information is for pre-departure to study at your overseas university)

Health requirements

These vary depending on which country and university you will be studying at.  You may need some/all of the following; 

  • Immunisation update: An up to date immunisation certificate, especially proof that you have immunity against measles, mumps and rubella (usually 2x MMR vaccines)
  • Medical examination: Depending on the information required on your university’s form, you may need a full medical with examination or a medical report which may be able to be done from your notes we have on record for you
  • Tuberculosis (TB) screening: Some universities will require proof that you do not have TB and may require you to have a chest x-ray

What to do now

  1. If you have received your medical form from your chosen university, check the requirements carefully
  2. If you need any of the aforementioned, email your form to [email protected] so we can review it and advise you of the cost which is payable in advance of any appointments booked.  You can make payment over the phone by credit/debit card. 
  3. Once payment has been made, the receptionist will then be able to book any necessary Nurse/GP appointments. 
  4. If you need a chest x-ray, a referral will be made to Global Clinic (Colney).  They will then contact you to obtain payment for the chest x-ray (approx £100) and arrange your appointment for this. 

List of Charges 2021/2022

Nurse Review
Attendance for evaluation of TB requirements, analysis of medical records, immunisation update and completion certificate.  Cost will vary depending on which country you are going to and the requirements stipulated on the medical form. 

Cost: £10-20


VaccineNo. of vaccinesCost per vaccine
MMR Measles, Mumps and Rubella              Course of 2 vaccines      Free
RevaxisTetanus, Diphtheria and Polio Single vaccineFree
Meningitis ACW&YSingle vaccineFree
Hepatitis B  Course of 3 vaccines£35

Medical Examination
Depending on the information required on your form, you may need a full medical with examination, or a medical report which may be able to be done form your medical record without you requiring to attend to an appointment. 

Cost: £40-£90

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening
Depending on the type of test required, the cost will vary.  You will be referred to an external provider. Any fees payable directly to them. 

Cost: Price on application

Important Information

  • Meeting the requirements of your overseas university in time is YOUR responsibility 
  • It can take between 3-4 weeks for completion of all documentation, depending on what your university requirements are (during current Covid pandemic, it could take even longer so ensure you leave plenty of time for this to be done)
  • As provision of these services is not part of the NHS, they have to be paid for by the individual in advance
  • If you do not attend your booked appointment(s), there is  no refund and it may be several weeks before another appointment is available for which a second fee will be charged
  • Fees are subject to change and may vary without notice
  • All fees must be paid for at time of booking 
  • If you are not registered with a doctor at the UEA Medical Centre, we are unable to see you for this.  You will need to make arrangements with your own doctor, taking all paperwork with you