Register with a GP/New Patients

In order to receive health care whilst at university, you need to register with us.

If you are in the UK for 6+ months and live within the practice boundary area, the University Medical Service (UMS) on campus is here to provide free NHS care and support for you should you need it during your time at university. The doctors and nurses are very experienced in dealing with students and all contact is strictly confidential.  

The university requires you to have medical care available to you at your main place of residence (where you spend more than half your time). If you reside in the Norwich area for the majority of time, the university requires that you have a local GP to provide medical care when needed. 

If you already have a GP in the Norwich area, there is no obligation to change your GP and register at UMS although you would be most welcome to, if you live within the practice boundary (see ‘Am I Eligible to Register)

Nationally, a person can only be registered at one GP medical centre at a time. It is not possible to be registered at two medical centres.

If you are a part-time student and your home address is still your main place of residence, there is no requirement to register here at UEA Medical Centre but you would have to return to your home practice to receive your medical care.

A practice information booklet will be given to you when you register providing details of the services and help on offer and the times these are available, including emergency assistance.

Please register no more than 7 days prior to arriving in Norwich (in case you continue to need GP services until that time)

**Click on each section below for further information and to register**